30th Medellin International Poetry Festival

El santo, oil painting by Pedro Ruiz (Colombia).

-August 29th to September 5th, 2020-


With the participation of 100 poets and invited from more than 45 countries, 125 activities will be held, including poetry readings, concerts, workshops, conferences, conversations, panels, and artistic interventions.

Up to this moment, the guests who have confirmed their attendance are: Hamid Larbi (Algelia), Hugo MujicaMaría Negroni (Argentina), Nigar Arif (Azerbaijan), Quamruzzaman Swapan (Bangladesh), Sylvie Marie (Belgium), Ketty Nivyabandi (Burundi), Carlos Cociña (Chile), Jidi MajiaLi ShaojunLi YunMei Er, Cao Shui (Popular Republic of China), Rómulo Bustos, Jotamario ArbeláezCarlos Vásquez,  Javier Naranjo, Fernando Rendón, Alberto Vélez, Gabriel Jaime Franco, Yenny León, Jairo GuzmánLucía Estrada, Ela Cuavas, Fernando Linero, Yirama Castaño, Hanna Escobar, Víctor Gaviria, Paula Andrea Pérez Reyes, León Vallejo, Ashanti Dinah Orozco, Ángela Acero, Jonatan Echeverri, Valentina Rojas, Laura Bastet Kali, Johanna Carvajal, Karla Jazmín Arango, Liliana Velasquez, Alejo Morales, Eliana Tabares (Colombia); DaGenius (Comoros Islands), Youssouf Athoumani (Comoros Islands); Julien Kilanga Musinde (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Arabella Salaverry (Costa Rica), Bronislava Volková (Czech Republic), Claus Ankersen (Denmark), Sandra de la Torre (Ecuador), Josué Andrés Moz (El Salvador), Richard Berengarten (England), Alemu Tebeje (Ethiopia), Christos Koukis (Greece), Salvador Madrid (Honduras), Reshma Ramesh (India), Paul Muldoon (Ireland), Stefano Strazzabosco (Italy), Natasa Sardzoska (Macedonia), Antoine Cassar (Malta), Rocío Cerón (Mexico), Mohammed Bentalha (Morocco), Hadaa Sendoo (Mongolia), Sreten Vujovic (Montenegro), Marije Langelaar (Netherlands), David Eggleton (nation of Aotearoa New Zealand/Fiji Islands), Ayo Ayoola-Amale (Nigeria), Imdad Aakash (Pakistan), Giovanna Benedetti (Panama), Victoria Guerrero (Peru), Simeon Dumdum Jr., Ma Milagros T. Dumdum (Philippines), Luis Filipe Sarmento (Portugal), Tudor Cretu (Rumania), Margarita Al (Russia), Victor Pelianagre (Russia), Zolani Mkiva (South Africa) Ahmed-Al-Mulla (Saudi Arabia), Abdukakhor Kosimov (Tajikistan), Sabri Rahmouni (Tunisia), Ataol Behramoglu (Turkey), Pelin Batu (Turkey), Nurduran Duman (Turkey), Khulood Almualla (United Arab Emirates), Bruce Weigl (United States), Liudmyla Diadchenko (Ukraine), Roberto Bianchi (Uruguay), Ernesto Román, Freddy Ñañez (Venezuela), Nguyen Quang Thieu (Vietnam), Tran Hung (Vietnam), Mohammed Al-Lawzi (Yemen). They will also participate the winning poets of the 30th International Poetry Festival of Medellín Prize: Antonio Herrada (Cuba), Elena Annibali (Argentina) and John Freddy Galindo  (Colombia), and literary critic Yue Wen (People's Republic of China).

We will celebrate with great joy the community of Medellin, essential for this project, due to its massive commitment, the vocation of life and freedom, and for its resilience in the face of war pressure, as well as for its determination to move forward participating in a cultural transformation in order to overcome the damages that our fratricidal war has caused to our human existence, to culture and language. This cultural transformation also requires that the population acquires awareness and manifests itself before the threats of the global climate crisis and the deterioration of the environment that affects the city of Medellin, which is the ninth city in Latin America with the highest degree of pollution.

The thematic axes of the 30th Medellin International Poetry Festival will be:

      • Peace and Democracy.
      • Preservation and Care for the Planet.
      • Culture and education, forces of change.

These topics will be the basis of the contents that will be disseminated among the audience and the local and global public reached by the communication process of the project.

The community lacks wide access to alternative training activities in order to improve the creative aspect of language. The Festival offers workshops and multiple pedagogical activities to correct this situation.

We need a genuine wish for peace in the collective consciousness and a democratic sense of community participation, but the challenge is to find a way to turn it into enhanced concrete actions so that symbolic practices and acts for peace and reconciliation be actually materialized.

The essence of the Festival establish close links with the community, in order to move forward together for the construction of a new culture, for humanity freed from the threat of violence, so that lasting peace could be possible, democratic participation, cultural rights, while respecting their free expression, respect for life and caring for the planet.

Amongst the scheduled activities of the Festival, these include those programs related to the 24th International Poetry School of Medellin as its pedagogical component.

The Festival will also feature the presence and participation of representatives of the World Poetry Movement, a global network that integrates poetry festivals, poetic projects, and poets from the five continents, joined for a common cause through campaigns and actions contributing to world peace, the defense of life on the planet, for the sustainable development in a new world, for the restoration of beauty, dignity, and truth, as part of a continuous assessing process for strengthening the presence of Poetry in our contemporary society. Its coordinating committee that is led by the Medellin International Poetry Festival is made up of poets and directors of international poetry festivals from India, Nepal, Turkey, China, Kuwait, France, Sweden, South Africa, Morocco, Ghana, Kenya, Colombia, Chile, Panama and the United States of America.

Published on 20.01.2020

Última actualización: 02/04/2020