Converse Glances

My father was a novelist and jazz critic; my mother, a publicist and Journalist. In such a way that my childhood landscape was always intervened with the image of the typewriter, the sound of the keyboard, the noise of the line space lever, and those personal and abrupt silences that I began to associate very soon with doubt...


‘My work was an elaboration of a Tagorean sentiment’: Ngugi wa Thiong’o

One of Africa’s greatest writers, the Kenyan  Ngugi wa Thiong’o, was recently in Delhi for the ILF-Samanvay Translations Series of talks organised by the India Habitat Centre and Seagull Books. When he agreed to speak to, the besotted fan girl that I am, I went to meet him for our chat...


Message For World Fraternity. First World Poetry Meeting of Indigenous Peoples

Poetry is, for the indigenous cultures of the world, the word that enlightens and inspires towards the encounter with beauty, towards the understanding between human beings, towards the harmony with Mother Earth. Facing the failure of the rationalist...


Poems from Bayasgalan Batsuuri

She is a co-founder of "Tagtaa Publishing" LLC. She is the translator of more than 10 books including "Happy Endings", "A very old man with enormous wings", and "Snow". A political researcher by profession, she is more known with her translation works, interviews and articles in the field of literature.


Poems by Ali Cobby Eckermann

Dingo Eye

Serpentine Gorge is empty

shiny heatwave shimmer

frogs bury, dormant

wait for the next rain

birds have flown the billabong

I peer, into eyes of dingo

motionless, airless

we hold that stare


Colombia, long road to lasting peace

The Norwegian Nobel Committee has announced that Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos will receive this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. The news comes just days after Colombian Laureates of the Right Livelihood Award widely known as the ‘Alternative Nobel Prize’,  called for a ‘Yes’ vote...


Poems by Huu Thinh

Huu Thinh  was born into a Confucian farming family in 1942 in Vinh Phue province, Vietnam. During the Vietnam-American War he served as a tank driver and later as a journalist. He lives in Hanoi where he is a member of the National Assembly of Vietnam, Editor-in-chief of Van Nghe, and General Director of the Writers' Association.


Vietnamese Poetic Tradition

Vietnam has a long and rich poetic tradition. Much of it is oral. John Balaban, a poet and editor of a major bilingual collection of ca dao, traditional Vietnamese verse, describes those poems as “short lyric poems, passed down by word of mouth and sung without musical accompaniment by ordinary individuals...