Converse Glances

My father was a novelist and jazz critic; my mother, a publicist and Journalist. In such a way that my childhood landscape was always intervened with the image of the typewriter, the sound of the keyboard, the noise of the line space lever, and those personal and abrupt silences that I began to associate very soon with doubt...


Listen To The Mother Earth

It's time to listen to the Mother Earth. Today the sacred word, the poetic word arrives and stays engraved in the wide and narrow paths of Mother Earth, who sheds verses for the freedom of all living beings that inhabit this planet. Indigenous territories and cultures have suffered a long history of colonization and dispossession and are currently being...


Su Yang (China, 1969)

The sun is shining on the street, a bum is walking on the street, I take my bedclothes with me and I put up the building,
The building is ten floors high and I sleep on the ground.
Go east, you can smell the sweet of wheat in Pingluo,
Go west, you can see the beautiful flowers in Yinchuan.


Poems by Lance Henson

He was born in 1944 in Oklahoma. He earned a Master's degree in Creative Writing at University of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Henson's poetry is known for its powerful imagery, brevity and universal appeal. It incorporates Cheyenne philosophy and traditions as well as social and political commentary on the modern world.


Poems by Ali Cobby Eckermann

Dingo Eye

Serpentine Gorge is empty

shiny heatwave shimmer

frogs bury, dormant

wait for the next rain

birds have flown the billabong

I peer, into eyes of dingo

motionless, airless

we hold that stare


Scaffolds of Hope

Poetry and song capture our understanding of life and provide us with platforms to express ideas that may otherwise be inexpressible. Poetry represents memory as well as vision. It is the chant as well as the wail. It could come as joyous and exuberant calls, it could also come as a dirge marking the crossing of the slim line between here...


Poems by Sherwin Bitsui

He is a Diné (Navajo) from the Navajo Reservation in White Cone, Arizona. He received an AFA from the Institute of American Indian Arts Creative Writing Program. He is the author of the poetry collections Shapeshift (2003) and Flood Song (2009). Steeped in Native American culture, mythology, and history...


Ancient Syncretic Art Today

What is a song in the original meaning of the word? It is essentially a short story, conveyed within a compact musical form. By means of a song it is possible to discern the epoch, the customs and the ways of the time that the song was created. A song is capable to carry within itself an entire historical cultural domain. 


Colombia’s First Poetry Festival in Times of Peace

The 27th  International Poetry Festival of Medellin took place in Colombia from 8-15 July. After 53 years of armed conflict, the peace deal signed by the Colombian Government and FARC, and disarmament of rebels...


On Poetry

What’s poetry? That’s a question that never rises in a poet’s mind while he is writing. When the poet reads the other’s poetry, neither do that question. But whenever the poet has the feeling down, that question may appear...


Poetry and Discovery

A few years ago I founded a cultural movement called Poetry and Discovery, together with  other poets. In this movement I tried to express what poetry means to me. Let's start from the name of this movement.


Poems by Khadijatou Doyneh

She is a savvy S. London based, Guyanese raised, African-Caribbean woman.  A singer-songwriter, poet & drum percussionist armed with stories to tell via catchy music, songs and words, delivering a stunning live... 


Poets can change the world

Great poets have one thing in common, they can shift the way we see reality and give new perspectives on complex problems. In the old norse culture, poets could be granted clemency...